News 2013


Dr. Pan has moved to Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization as an Assistant Professor.

Congratulation and Good luck!

Site-visit by the Director of Ruskinn Technology Ltd.

Mr. Andrew Skinn came to our hypoxia facility, and told us the history of Ruskinn.

Happy Wedding Party for Dr Sekine!

Fujii-sensei came from Sweden!!



Graduation (March 27)

New Doctors Hirano (left) and Yamazaki (right)




Press release: "Gene modified mouse model for EPO-deficiency anemia"


Original article: Yamazaki S, Souma T, Hirano I, Pan X, Minegishi N, Suzuki N*, Yamamoto M*. A mouse model of adult-onset anaemia due to erythropoietin deficiency. Nature Commun  4:e1950 (2013) *corresponding author

Moving (Aug 27)

We have moved from 5th floor to 4th floor, and cleaned up the lab we used.



Lab-opening party (Aug. 30)

with Susi and Pig (not beef) tongue.

Farewell (Sep. 27)

Dr. Yamazaki has graduated and entered Hirosaki Univ. as a medical student.  Congratulation and Good luck!

11月25日 NHK「あさイチ」で研究内容が紹介されました。


Press Release (Tohoku Univ)

Original Article (PubMed)